Rise Above.

Self-Awareness Life Coach

Self-love, Belief, Relationships

Andie Gwaltney


Nutrition, Fitness, Rest

Do not look down...you are not going that way...look up...

                               rise above!



Thoughts, Perception, Understanding

Body…Mind...Soul are all three are major components of our life that need to be nourished and kept in balance so that we live the lives we were intended in a state of peace and happiness.

Sometimes more than one or all of these components can be depleted. This can seem overwhelming and confusing because these areas are all intertwined and directly affect one another causing a feeling of being stuck and unsteady. Sometimes we may not even know the areas in our life that need to be sustained. Sometimes we do, but we may not know how or where to begin. The key to unlocking these questions and finding the necessary answers is to understand

It is my goal to help others find their own answers, their strength, and their ability to move forward by offering clarity to confusion and in providing attainable actions to re-gain a state of balance.

Often the answers are within you, guidance and coaching is all that is needed to draw those answers out and take simple steps and strategies to build momentum to rise above and create a life of balance. Let me help you Rise Above!