I started going through a time in my life where I knew I needed to get healthy. There was just no other option. I started going to the gym and doing things like the treadmill and yoga, both great, but not moving the scale or working towards my goal. I was scared to try the other classes because, to be honest, everyone is already "fit" in the classes I needed to be taking. But someone talked me into the kickboxing class...not gonna lie, I was scared my first class, like really scared that I was gonna have to stop midway or not stop when I should because I would feel embarrassed, all the normal things people of my size think when doing something outside of our comfort zone. Anywho, as soon as Andie walked in and I literally felt like I belonged, her smile and energy was contagious! Her class quickly became my "cannot miss" class of the week for a long long time. I saw results, every class I felt better about what I could do and she never made me feel like I was slacking off, she always encouraged me to push to my own limits. She is amazing and can't wait to get back to the gym to lose this baby weight after I give birth! So empowering and really knows how to build people up to be a better version of themselves. Thank you Andie for everything, you truly are amazing! –Megan Marie Johnson


Andie helped me through a couple of difficult times with a personal situation. She is patient, empathetic, non-judgmental and an excellent listener, and made herself available when I needed her. That meant the world to me. I believe that women frequently struggle with the need to please others, even at the expense of ourselves. Andie helped me to re-center and focus on valuing and being true to myself while I worked through my challenge. She is an excellent confidante and a cherished friend. –Jennifer Converse


When I was going through my divorce, Andie was my rock.  I had no idea how traumatic and stressful that period of my life would be.  Andie was the calming presence I needed.  She listened carefully, gathering information to accurately assess the situation. And no matter what new crisis had popped up, she reassured me that everything would be alright.  There are things that she said to me that I still hold onto today.  Words of wisdom that were not only true during my divorce, but in other parts of my life as well.  I feel truly blessed to have her in my life. –Dawn Levy